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october 02

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down a quart…

august 12th, 2002


this weekend I tried to finish the insulation song, but it’s getting more and more like all my other songs (surprise!) and I was hoping I could make something new.

Problem: writing songs on the guitar. Not inherently a problem, but I’ve got patterns, and theys hard to break.

Solution: I think I need to switch it up. Last fall I struck up a conversation with tim (tw) walsh about this idea. He suggested keyboards. At the time, I didn’t play the keyboards. But now I do. I recently played a Wurlitzer electric piano, and fell in love. It’s all I can think about now. The sound just made so much sense…I sat down and music came out. Not bumbling sound - music. Yay! Now I just have to raise the dough.

Yesterday I was talking to Peter of the Tiny Hairs, and asked him if he thought the whole band would be interested in working with me on a song for muted tones. He said probably. So, I’m going to propose it to them this weekend. Don’t tell.

I also decided that I’m going to use one of my older songs. Actually it’s the last song I wrote. It’s pretty short, but not many people have heard it, and it has loads of room for more stuff. you know…it’s got potential.

I’ve been trying to get my friend Justin to send me something to maybe fill some of my minutes - but he’s been wholly unresponsive. Maybe public prodding via this log will help encourage him.

Congratulations, Andy, on finishing your submission! I’m excited to hear it!

Okay, gotta run - I’ve got motor-oil to drink.



august 15th, 2002

yeah, go for the wurley. i think i remember bob dylan talking about that a while back. just how different ideas come from the piano vs. the guitar when he sits down to right. it makes sense, because like you said, you develop those paterns that aren't so easy to break, so naturally, stepping away for a while and on to something else is the best way to do it. i find that playing different instruments influences how i play each one overall. i mean the flute only allows one note. so because of it's physical character, it's becomes necessary to only focus on melody. keyboards usually force a combination of harmony and melody with chords and single notes, and guitars kind of shift back and forth. once you get em all rotating, i think you become stronger and more fresh in each area. wurley's rule, and i'll tell ya, ebay's no messin around. people practically give em away. if you set your limit , maybe three to four hundred, in two or three weeks you should be good to go... anyway, sorry for the ramble, stretched out a little further than i anticipated... keep experimenting!


august 15th, 2002

that's, when he sits down to write...

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