muted tones

october 02

this entry is from october 02. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work.

credits - (for real this time)

september 30th, 2002

today we are cartographers

i needed new units of measure
produced by joshua dumas

violin, theremin, radio, piano, drums: joshua dumas
acoustic guitar, vocals: sarah renee bertsch
violin: Peter Rosenbloom
electric guitar: Mark Booth
cello: Mary Claire Kueber
clarinet: Allison Stanley

engineered by joshua dumas
produced by sarah renee bertsch & joshua dumas

keyboards, electric guitar: Jonathan Liss
electric guitar: Mark Booth
violin: Peter Rosenbloom
noise: Charles King
drums: Jim Lutes
clarinet: Allison Stanley
acoustic guitar, vocals: sarah renee bertsch

what’s left
produced by joshua dumas & sarah renee bertsch

piano, acoustic guitar: sarah renee bertsch
bells, microphone noise: joshua dumas
keyboards: Jonathan Liss

Charles King, Jim Lutes, Mark Booth, Jonathan Liss, Peter Rosenbloom, and John DeVylder are Tiny Hairs.

many thanks for helping with this project to:
mike piontek, joshua dumas, Jonathan Liss, Peter Rosenbloom, Mark Booth, Charles King, Jim Lutes, John DeVylder, Allison Stanley, Casey Meehan, Mary Claire Kueber, Jaime Roche, Marc Battista, Jonah, Andy Wagner, and The Trumbullplex.



september 30th, 2002

i really really hope i didn't forget anyone.

and more importantly...i hope i didn't credit anyone incorrectly or spell their name wrong. that kind of stuff always happens to me.

but, i suppose i'm begging for it with a last name like bertsch, and making everyone call me renee, while referring to myself by sarah renee.

yeah. begging for it.

anyhoo...i hope i got it right.

and i hope you all like the piece as much as i do. thanks for listening.


september 30th, 2002

real quick:
if you're streaming this and your 'puter can handle it, go "hi-fi"... it really makes a huge difference....

also, i'd like to thank all the Tiny Hairs, Allison Stanley, and Renee for their graciousness and seriousness.... working with you was so easy, and fun-- y'all are an engineer's dream....

Signor Fineador Fallaschi

september 30th, 2002

hey, that's some great music!
thanks josh and renee !!
it was fun and good for me too!!


september 30th, 2002

i can't remember your voice sounding so good. maybe i'm disillusioned, but it just sounds so full and big now. i only had time to listen once threw, so i'll write more when i absorb again, but i definetely loved the first pass. it would've been so cool to be around when everyone was playing... i'll be back. great stuff!!!


october 02nd, 2002

my voice is definitely changing over the years. the recordings i made at 15 are barely recognizable as me anymore. except that my name is on the tape. but it could be a hoax! don't believe everything you read!

i like to think of this as my "patsy cline" period. late in her career (in her mid twenties) she started gaining more control over her voice - which is pretty much what's happening for me.

it also could have something to do with josh's talent with the engineering.


october 23rd, 2002

many thanks to Josh and Renee for having me on. it turned out beautifully - hats off to yous!

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