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january 03

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november 21st, 2002

i went to the medicinal jukebox this morning and selected ‘thera-flu’ and although it creates the illusion i am healthy and not ill, it also comes with the side affect of total loopster. the tune is just ok if you ask me, kind of a boring loop. this week has been passing me by all too quickly, that usually happens when one is home sick. but i made it into work today and i am not sure if that was a good or bad idea.

somewhat lost in thought from the past week or two. especially the weekends. To provide a focused explanation seems nearly impossible. we played gigs, then we played a gig, then we played more gigs and met quite a few people - including the ‘Springman’. transaction Ensemble played Friday night at the Springman Gallery. Peter and Steven also performed ‘Fractured Flag’ and its a darn shame you missed it. REGENERATION also played and they were nothing less impressive. that evening i met a woman wearing tall heeled boots and i guessed her name point blank as we were standing next to the bikini exhibit made entirely of, well, springs. she showed up at the section X party the following evening and worked it over selling our cookies like horderves. (thanks Lori)

saturday evening the autumn-waking rocked out arnie’s as usual. thanks to all our kind friends who showed up and made us feel at home at home. we were loud, we were cheered on, and i must say the old style was nearly gone after completion of our chronological set. immediately following, the SILVER measure played next door at the square root of 5; Peter, Steven and myself, and that was very challenging - and very fun. the projected film was obscured by a red diamond bead of sorts, fragmenting and multiplying the picture into a kaleidoscope all about the large screen and ceiling. you couldnt tell what it was, with all the moving colors swimming within their respective boundries. go ahead…ask what it was!

the transaction Ensemble show at Hothouse sunday evening was fabulous. Mark, John, Renee, Davis, Alison, Steven, Peter, Jim, Chuck all pulled off a spectacular set that tranced, danced, and maybe even sold a few riffs. Steven and Peter had the films transferred to video, and the quality of the grain and artistic nature of the projection is quite appealing. unfortunately there is nothing on the docket as of yet for this hair transaction orchestra, but i’ll definitely keep ya’ll posted. also, thanks again to Hothouse for the usual pleasant demeanor and friendly staff - also, for the margaritas.





november 22nd, 2002

1. i concur - the old style went by way too fast. i was alloted 10, and i had no more than 4. to whomever drank them: i hope you enjoyed them.

2. those margaritas were way too good, and way too free.

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