muted tones

january 03

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daisy chaining arnie’s to the square root of 5

november 04th, 2002

i spent some time last week listening to some old music i had recorded in the previous three years, ‘technicolor’ and ‘schoolhouse’ are possible pieces for posting. too many choices, maybe posting something old isn’t the best idea. i got together with steven tod last night for recording. each of us played our drum kits in our own spaces next door to one another; connected to the same recording unit. i once thought ten minutes was a long time for this posting, now it doesn’t seem nearly long enough!
by the way, if you haven’t already, listen to the three postings already completed on this lovely site (Sept, Oct & Nov) It’ll make you forget its Monday.



november 05th, 2002

i wonder what uncle arnie thought about all the racket. was he blinking the lights and yelling obscenities?


november 07th, 2002

uncle arnie was at bingo. thankfully, our schedules aligned and he doesnt know a thing.

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