muted tones

january 03

this entry is from january 03. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work.


january 01st, 2003

credits; instruments in order of recording
percussion, guitar, organ, orchestra bells, bass, chimes, drums and vocals by allison stanley
doublebass, guitar two and three by Steven Tod

‘cottages’ was recorded December 14th and 15th at Uncle Arnies and the Square Root of Five using analog tascam four tracks and a shure mic bought on the street for five dollars. the layering of instruments is entirely random with exception to the drums and vocals recorded simultaneously. the piece does have a proper ending, however, it went over ten minutes; hence the dramatic fadeout.

thanks Renee, Josh and to Steven (for helping the sound swim)


steven [ web site ]

january 15th, 2003

this track sounds really great on the computer i think. it kindles up those memories of staying at a cottage on Adams Lake with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, and ma and pa when i was a youngun. there were so many nights i tried to imagine what was going on in the kitchen just outside my bedroom door. in looking back on it, my folks probrably put me to bed so they could have a nice game of cards, a few wholesome laughs, a pipe of tobaccy without the wee ones seein', a few cuss words, and a couple of cold beers while they caught up with their loved ones. we were some rambunctious hellions when given half a chance and as a fitting consequence our bedtime was mighty early in those days.

i found it immeasurably fun and mysterious to try to imagine what they might be doing while i was in bed "sleeping".
they sure don't make doors like they used to. this track reminds me of the sounds i was hearing coming through that door.
thanks allison, what a beautiful and imaginative, conjuring piece.


january 15th, 2003

very beautiful and mysterious
it is about memories and dreams
and all things ephemeral

very nice, allison

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