muted tones

january 03

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A fine time for a vintage fan

october 07th, 2002

checking in to the radar station
——- —— — — — - — ———
I shall begin with a genuine Hello to you. so; i have been thinking about this muted tones submission that my friend josh was so kind to have invited me to be involved in. somewhat stuck in betweens… thinking i may post a piece i have already composed and recorded, as well as record a new piece taylored with muted tones in mind.

we’ll see
by the way, i bought this fan this past weekend in iowa. i was excited because my dad has one of these. until now i always considered the accident of putting it in my car after visiting.


mike piontek

october 11th, 2002

old fans are beautiful. i have an old vacuum that i'm pretty fond of also. it's a combination of the sculpted metal and the general aesthetic of the time that i really love. metal ages so well, it only looks nicer when it's dirty and scraped... it's a shame everything is plastic now.

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