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february 03

this entry is from february 03. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work.

The Frankfurt School

january 28th, 2003

The Frankfurt School
Brad Crowe (synths, sequencer, beats, effects)
Jonny Dovercourt (bass, melodica, guitar, toy piano)

This monstrosity… “it’s alive.”

We are quite pleased with the results. We hope you are too.


Craig Dunsmuir

september 29th, 2003

Just listened to this again for the first time since it was posted last winter. Yes, guy.


october 26th, 2003

more songs! longer sets! it's great stuff. i really dig the live readings between cues.


november 04th, 2003

I've not heard the music, but is the band name a reference to the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory? If so, ROCK FUCKING ON.

ubclf [ web site ]

march 13th, 2004

does this track have a name at all? i played it on my radio show this past week and simply called it february 2003.


march 29th, 2004

Yes! The track is actually called "Between Facts and Norms." Limited edition CDR, 100: The Chattering Classes, featuring three new(er) songs, is now available. Email me for more info:

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