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october 06

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october 27th, 2006

I’m kind of frustrated and a little nervous. I had to work late last night and then run over to Rich’s house to record since we couldn’t get together on Wednesday. My plan was to put the drum tracks on the rest of the song (just in case the computer wouldn’t let me add anymore tracks), then add some acoustic guitar and keys/ organ. I got the drums down but hit a wall. The part of the song that starts to ramble really threw me off. It’s way too disjointed. What really sucks is that it’s only under two minutes and it leads into some good stuff. I would just totally redo the whole thing if it weren’t so crucial to the rest of the piece. So anyway, I wound up completely wasting precious time trying to cover it up with noise that just doesn’t fit the overall mood. In the end I’m kind of at a loss. I still don’t have the other instruments down and this part is nagging at me. At the end of the night I felt totally empty, yet I couldn’t stop trying to wrap my head around the problem like there was some easy way out. I felt like a fly trying to get through a window, eventually dying from exhaustion and drying out in the sun.
So this morning I was lamenting to my better half and she totally put in into perspective. She said, “You didn’t waste time. You have a new perspective now. It’s the creative process; it can’t be easy every time….Isn’t that what Muted Tones is all about?” What a lady!!! I immediately felt like last night wasn’t a total loss. I still feel some serious pressure but at least I found a crack in the window.
Here’s the plan. I’ve got band practice tonight…I’m hoping it doesn’t happen so I can record but that’s selfish and dumb because playing with the band will help in many ways. Saturday there is going to be a party at the house I record/ practice at so Rich and I are gonna get together before hand and put some stuff down. This is what I’m going to do to keep myself focused and productive:
1.plot out what needs to go where around the rambling section and come back to it once I’ve got everything else filled in
3.see about adding a new guitar line that has a structure to superimpose over the line without structure
4.put on a silly hat and get drunk
5.keep telling myself: “October isn’t over just yet”


josh [ web site ]

october 27th, 2006

Actually, Muted Tones is mostly about watching your dear friends squirm under pressure!


Good luck wrapping up VJ, I’m sure it will be gorgeous!

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