muted tones

october 06

this entry is from october 06. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work if it's available.

All in due time

october 14th, 2006

So I’ve got the first 3 minutes and 50 seconds recorded. The 1st motif (see previous entry) gets developed from a kind of drone/ pedal point: a repeating bass note that propels the beat while a melody plays over it. The whole thing crescendos into the chord change where some drums/ electric guitars/ pedal steel and piano add to the bravado. It’s all very melodramatic….After the cadence, the main motif recapitulates then slowly devolves into a mood swing that is taken over by two piano lines (one is a tinny electronic piano and the other is an out-of-tune etheral upright low in the mix). From here in the recording I’m basically going to bring in the second motif. This sketch has a janky chord progression in it that I’m not thrilled with but has some potential…not a lot, but some. It may not make the cut. However, I do like the overall potential in this motif (I’m being very loose in calling this part a motif). It still needs some serious development but I think it will be a pretty easy jumping-off point for the the middle section of the piece.


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