muted tones

november 06

this entry is from november 06. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work if it's available.


december 04th, 2006

Fender SG :: seven tracks
Turser jazz bass :: two tracks
Casio SK-1 :: three tracks
beat up Yamaha classical acoustic (strung with steel strings) :: two tracks
Hohner melodica :: two tracks
Dewey bells :: two tracks
singing saw :: one track
broken Farfisa :: one track
tambourine :: one track
voice :: one track

Our lovely front room
MXR distortion pedal
Bassola(!) 25 bass amp
T-Power guitar amp
AKG C-1000 microphone
Atus phantom power supply
XLR and instrument cables
Tascam four-track
late 90s Apple iMac
Digidesign ProTools Free

Spinach pie and dolma from the Middle Eastern Bakery on Foster
Good new tangles
And as always: trouble, hope


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