muted tones

march 07

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What the hell am I going to do?

february 14th, 2007

Hi Everyone, I’d like to introduce myself…This is what I look like, but what you are really concerned with is what I sound like or at least you should be. I suppose you are also interested in how I develop and idea into a song or an art project. Or at least I hope you are. That’s why I’m writing this shit down you know, for you.

Since I’m guessing that you don’t know who I am at all, I’ll give you a quick run down. Originally I’m from San Antonio, TX, this is an amazingly colorful and inspiring place for me. It inspires me because of the things that are good and bad about living there for 18 years of my life. I moved to Boston to go to Berklee College of Music where I studied Music Education. At music school I learned a lot of amazing things and met many of the most talented musicians in the world. (I mean that, I love them) But overal music school almost destroyed my creativity and my confidence. Soon after I went to Library School where I met some of the most amazing people in the world. I got really interested in writing and storytelling there, but I realized I didn’t want to become a music librarian as I once suspected. My new teachers, friends, and some old ones too inspired me and helped recover my creativity and ambitioun. That summer I started a new band, teletextile, with Brian Hamilton and Kristy Foye. So Brian, my BMF (bandmate forever) and I went to Detroit because I needed to make some decisions. Don’t ask me why, but I tend to make a lot of decisions while staying in Detroit. The decision I and Brian made was…“Move to New York City”. So that’s is where Feb’s Muted Tones is coming from. A recovering musician right outside of New York, Basking Ridge New Jersey to be exact.

In Regards to my Tense Form Peice it is already Feb 14th and I don’t have anything done. That is my artistic process, the “What the hell am I going to do?” Method.

Happy Valentines Day,
Pamela Martinez



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