muted tones

march 07

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Initial Sound Ideas

february 16th, 2007

So I’ve been thinking about what I want my piece to be about and I thought I would share them. The things that interest me most sonically speaking are and I hope to incorporate them somehow:

1. stringed instruments (I want to play them all eventuall) I think it’s because of their resonance and natural acoustics, you know how they ring out after you stop playing them or if you say something loud enough they echo back at you. (Try this with a piano.)

2. Storytelling, with or without words, complete and incomplete stories, epic or small stories, truth or lies or hidden truths. I like music because I hear a story in it or sometimes it’s a story I feel that I can’t quite repeat acurately with narration.

3. Sounds respresenting other things. This could be anything from Boom!, Click, or that fact that Minor keys are supposed to sound more sad than Major Keys, perhaps this is the same thing as a story??

Originally I wanted to interview my grandmother about our family and set it to music, however I highly doubt this will be possible. I’ll let you know what happens next.

If you are interested in the music I have already written you can check out my latest music with my new band at or my old music at
Teletextile will release our first album later this year!!!!



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