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march 07

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Ideas part 2

march 21st, 2007

(I wrote this Feb 20, 2007)

I still haven’t actually done any work for this project. I’m only thinking about it. But if you remember my first post “What the hell am I going to do?”, well that is still my method. I ask myself that question over and over again until, I am inspired enough by an idea to actually do some work. So it can take a while. Honestly I’ve been asking myself that question since Dec of 2006 and nothing has been actualized yet. That doesn’t mean I don’t have any answer at all though, just nothing inspiring me enough to do something auditory.

However, I do know that my project will not be ‘music’ focused but ‘interview focused’, so today I…. 1. walked to the barn to find and open a box filled with my minidisk recorder and mini disc tapes, then 2. Imagined some questions I could ask my family that would be appropriate enough to broadcast to the world. I guess I want to do this because I’m in a very transitional stage and I want to know more about where I come from and how they see me, perhaps that will make me feel better about the fact that I have particular direction right now.

Questions I could ask
1. What was you favorite thing to do when you were little
2. What do you remember about me when I was little
3. How different does it feel to be a Mexican woman in the year 2007 from when you were a teenager
4. Are you happy with your life
5. What would like to be doing instead of this conversation
6. Where is you favorite place to go in Texas
7. Tell me about a time you remember from you childhood
8. Tell me about a place that no longer exists
9. What was life like when you were a kid, who did you live with, what happened

Other inspirations: Institute of Texan Cultures (museum) including the spinning wheel like the one sleeping beauty pricked her finger on, This American Life on NPR, My Oral History class at Simmons College, Godspeed! You Black Emporer, A Silver Mt. Zion, David Sedaris, South Town in San Antonio, La Villita, Mariachi Music, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Detroit, MI, the fact that I don’t speak Spanish well.

I heard that Prince supposedly has a hard wired recording system set up in every room of his house just incase he gets inspired, you know like on the toilet. I wish that my recording could be something like that, but instead of rooms in my house, it would be bits and pieces of my life, like how they say your life flashes before your eyes. I guess it’s probably happening and I don’t even know it, it’s like the last show I’ll get to see while I’m alive…I hope it’s good.


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