muted tones

january 07

this entry is from january 07. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work if it's available.

TJ Tambellini, don’t get your cables in a wad.

february 05th, 2007

Please listen to this with headphones, because Paul Krauss panned the sound in really interesting ways. Thanks for all your help, Pawl.

On January 31st, I went back to the bus stop where I first heard the pigeon elegy, glad to be finishing, glad to have finished January. This project helped fix some trouble I had back then, the day I sat and waved the bus along. I shiver to think where we’d be without projects.

This music turned out quite differently than I had planned, with a RIFIFI voice I can’t quite describe. Maybe the perpetual surprise is what makes recording so magical. Interacting with copies of sounds can bring about entirely different ideas for new sounds, ideas that wouldn’t have existed if the copy hadn’t. The copy creates the original. Different machines tell different versions of the sound narrative; the mix, the color, the texture, the tone all change from speaker to speaker. Each copy in each situation becomes original.

TJ would flip out if he thought I was telling his secrets, but here are a few of the sounds: singing into tin foil wrapped around a wire hanger, singing into shapes, singing into fibers, childhood quiet-time shrieks, every angle of my Midget Grand accordion, shaking a toy drummer, the Blue Line, the wind chimes in my landlord’s yard, instruments and instruments and every inflection of the viola. All bounced off the walls of his bathroom. TJ, I can’t thank you enough for your time, your talent, the Dad jokes, the lows, the highs.

I hope you enjoy the music!


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