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october 03

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Tracking: Friday, August 8, 2003

august 13th, 2003

I practice earlier in the day to make sure we can cut right to the chase once I get to Sandro’s house, seeing as we only have a few hours before he has to go to band practice (he plays lap steel in the terrific Great Lake Swimmers—if you like Will Oldham or Mark Koselek at all, then come on in, the water’s warm). Practice doesn’t help much, though, as the nerves and heat make me restless and distracted. We do a take of a new song that I decide to tentatively title “Spindli”, because its polyrhythms are a bit more interwoven than most of my pieces in terms of every part being a slight rhythmic variation on the next instead of a mere harmonic change as usual. I play that one off the looper into his computer, whereupon he asks me to try another piece, but multitracked, with each part recorded live for the duration of the take; this way, he’ll be able to more easily do a re-mix of the track if any ideas arise. Although it took far longer to record and was infinitely more exhausting to perform (and, as such, more fraught with imperfections) than using the looper, hopefully the piece (which I think I’ll call “Monolit” because of the vaguely alien dissonance that gets added a few minutes in) breathes a bit more as a result; Sandro’s generous patience and mixing wizardry hopefully won’t hurt things, either…


Paula Spurr [ web site ]

august 14th, 2003

I can't wait to hear what you are creating! I like that it isn't as full of perfections as a computer-generated loop...go with it!

aaron [ web site ]

september 10th, 2003

Wow. That's very cool that you're working with Sandro Perri. His previous album ("Science Of Breath") had some amazing songs and it and his new release (yes, I've been privvy) is pretty dizzying as well. I'll be curious to hear what you two have come up with and now I'm nervous about starting mine. I only hope I can live up...

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