muted tones

november 03

this entry is from november 03. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work.


august 14th, 2003

I was in Rosebud two nights ago to see Mike Alviano play at the Encore. He put on a great, quiet, thoughtful show, but he won’t be here when I need him, so I didn’t connect with him. I connected with my friend, Marie, instead. She is a great actress, and a wonderfully strange person. When I explained some of my ideas to her, she understood what I was trying to do right away, and also had lots of ideas of her own to add. Yay!!!

We are thinking about using the massive, repetitive, oppressive sound of an oil pump as the background for the piece. I don’t mean a little oil pump like you have in your garage, or like the Tin Man carried around in the Wizard of Oz! I mean the giant, metallic grasshoppers that litter the prairies, sucking oil from deep within the ground, pumping up and down continually. There are pumps around here that I remember from when I was a little girl thirty years ago, still pumping. They never stop. It boggles the mind to imagine the size of the hole they are creating underneath the top layers of earth…I keep wondering if all of Alberta is just going to sink out of sight one day.

The cat in the picture is mine. His name is Silent Bob, but I prefer to call him Violent Slob, which better suits his character.


Dean Mclean

december 12th, 2004

i am hoping that this message will get to Paula and her husband Lance, please send a note to me @ the above email address or call collect to 604-802-8757,
hey i miss you guys , call me…
Dean i n Vancouver..

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