muted tones

march 04

this entry is from march 04. click here for more information about the curator, and to hear the finished work.

When Evolution Confessed

march 02nd, 2004

let me explain. my thoughts are scattered. this piece is that.

i wanted to capture a period of time so i set up the 4-track in the living room and recorded during most free moments. you can hear the microwave beeping from the kitchen in part two. “put it all down and arrange later,” was my thought. that is what i did.

winter is painful in new england. dark and serious. but odd and beautiful at the same time. this piece is dripping with the winter chill. pipes knocking and steam pushing. it was in me, so it is on tape.

and there is a theme. the theme arrives late to the party and stays too long. all the words are true. another biography with a mask.

please let me know what you thought. be gentle.



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