Tense Forms Winter Button Up

Our 2007 Winter Showcase

Tense Forms Winter Button Up

the Notes and Scratches

With fuzzy guitars, trumpets, and strings, the Notes and Scratches make creaky warm pop songs of both joy and trouble, getting older gracelessly, dancing shamelessly, loving recklessly and often regretting all of it, entirely.
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Ash in Pensacola

A mechanic, librarian, nightwatch, and a DJ, Ash in Pensacola make music together on both rock and chamber instruments. And that music is lovely like a new apartment, sparse and sad and wide open, echoing with hopeful possibilities.
Listen to Ash in Pensacola at Myspace.

Casey Meehan

Casey Meehan makes swamp rock, alley tunes and delta songs that sometimes swing and often stumble. His newest music feels old, a broke transistor radio from the beginning of rock and roll.
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Ami Saraiya

Long the fallen angel voice and songwriter behind Radiant Darling, Ami Saraiya strikes out under her own name. And it makes sense. Her’s are close songs, whispers emanated from intimate places, under sheets, from closets, from dusty shoeboxes; songs that wed jazz and folk with passion and joy and sorrow.
Listen to Radiant Darling on Tense Radio.