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Tense Forms Showcase Series Presenting music, art, drama, and more.

Saturday July 2nd at the Subterranean

Doors at 7:30, $8, 21+
the Subterranean is located at the corner of Milwaukee, Damen and North.
2011 W North Ave.

Tickets are available online.
Get directions from Google Maps or MapQuest.

Music by:

The Notes and Scratches
The Treatment
the archivists
Radiant Darling
Andy Wagner

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Visual Art by:

Mark Benson, Craig Blakeman, Sangini Brahmbhatt, Kirk Bravender, Ben Clarke, Leah Dickey, Steve Eck, Cortney Groves, Mollie Morris, Mary Paul, Mike Piontek, Steve Quantock, Kelly Reynolds, Jaime Roche, Matt Rose, Melissa Stallard and Allison Stanley

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Film by:

Kate Raney
Richard Syska

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Poetry and Performance by:

Eli Boyne
Katy Didden
Viola Lee
Marika Mashburn

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about Heat

This show is entirely commissioned. That means, all of the artists have produced brand new work related to the theme heat. That means, the musicians will be playing a song or two on the theme, etc. We’re talking 4th of July weekend, back of my neck feeling dirty and gritty, skin sticking to skin, taking off sweaters, falling in love, fire and warm wind and sand and the asphalt is melting and everyone smells terrible and wonderful. Please please join us in celebration!

about Tense Forms

Tense Forms is a community of working artists, musicians, activists, writers, actors, crafters, and friends dedicated to producing and manufacturing new lovely art and helping that art find audience. The work aspires to quality, attention to craft, depth, energy, humanity, commitment to risk and respect for audience. As a collective, Tense Forms is, in structure and practice, a non-traditional organization, marked by a sense of trust and love and grace and fun and reverence. By pooling the energy and resources of its local and extended community, Tense Forms is creating a DIY, high quality, tiny loving media empire, to sustains both itself and its artists.

Tense Forms is seeded and watered by Craig Blakeman, Kirk Bravender, Joshua Dumas, Domenico Ferri, Susie Harkins, VJ Hyde, Casey Meehan, Mike Piontek, Jaime Roche, Allison Stanley and Andy Wagner.

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