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Marzipan the Magnificent

Dennis Watkins performs as a mad German clown whose skills as a magician were once quite astounding. At the height of his career, Marzipan was one of the finest magicians in the world, with a reputation matched only by the great Harry Houdini. Senility has begun to set in, though, and his mind is not as sharp as it used to be.

Ryan Suzuka (thurs)

performs songs for voice, ukulele and harmonica.

Andy Wagner (fri/sun)

performs a new piece with Matt Martin.

Viola Lee (thurs/fri)

reads a selection of her taut, rich, acutely observed verse.

The Flying J’s

The Flying J’s with Jeremy Babcock and Jaime Roche present several spontaneous minutes that will unfold like the petals of a blooming calla lily.

the May Marching Band

interrupts the evening with their pots, pans, trumpets and shakers via compositions by Jason Eckerson, featuring Anika Balaconis, Ben Gray, Ben Lobpries, Kirk Bravender, Jaime Roche, Jason Eckerson, Jeremy Babcock, Joshua Dumas, Robbie Hamilton, Rob Kowalczyk, and Steve Quantock.

As the Flowers Grow

A tale of rust and rain and rust, told by Redsharkboy Mark, in animation and sound.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

A new movement piece by Ben Lobpries and Tommy Rapley performed by Paige Hoffman and Tommy Rapley.

Katy Didden

reads a selection of her quiet, evocative, musical verse.

My Finest Words

A new song written and performed by the Notes and Scratches, with help from the ensemble.

Tell Me a Story, Morning Glory

A new dramatic work featuring Lois Atkins, Cyd Blakewell, Rosie Forrest, Brandi Holtz and Heather Rafferty, written by Rosie Forrest. Iris, Lily and Violet are mismatched friends. One is happy, one is not. One is honest, one is not. And Violet is in the middle. They each play the game for very different reasons.

Chapter 37 — The Well-Pressed Young Gentleman Clears His Throat

In a world without flowers, two adolescent archeologists’ quest for a better reality leads them to painful truths, in a new dramatic work starring Dominica Wasilewska, Joshua Holden, Chip Davis and Patrick Andrews, with music by Ryan Cashman.

Radiant Darling (thurs)

Visit Radiant Darling‘s site to sample their sultry jazz, folk, pop soup.

Kin Kon (fri)

To check out Kin Kon’s lush psychedelia, visit their myspace.

Casey Meehan (sun)

For a taste of Casey’s swamp rock, visit his site.

Nora McComiskey’s Photobooth

Span Time with your friends and participate in Nora’s ongoing photography project to capture and honor moments of premeditated spontaneity: In the Photobooth. Not your ordinary photobooth, all participants will receive one polariod and their image will be included in a forthcoming book of photographs from around the city… wherever the booth travels.


Marika Mashburn and Joshua Dumas are the brains and heart of bringmayflowers.
Tense Forms helped them till.

Casey Meehan is the musical director.

Tom Mackey designed the lights.
G. Warren Stiles knew how to make it all work and he did so 100% of the time.
Michael Griggs designed the sound.

Nora McComiskey designed the set.
Warren, Casey, Craig, Eli, Kirk, Marika, Tom and Josh helped her till.

Mike Piontek designed the website.
Josh helped him till.