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Andy Wagner

Andy makes songs for the demolition derby, for an off-track-betting site, for the last call, for the gravel.

Benjamin Lobpries

Benjamin likes peanut butter, whisky, and cannabis. Give him any combination of these three things, and he’ll probably write you a play.

Brandi Holtz

With great power comes great responsibility.

Casey Meehan

Casey makes swamp music, delta songs that sometimes swing and often stumble.

Chip Davis

Chip is from Manhattan Beach, California. Chip has a degree. Chip hearts the earth. Chip welcomes change. I wish you… Chip wishes you much Peace, Love and Gratitude. Namaste.

Cyd Blakewell

Cyd likes little purple flowers.

Dennis Watkins

Dennis is a founding member of The House Theatre of Chicago, where he has the pleasure of acting, directing and selling all kinds of crazy theatre. Dennis also works for The Big Apple Circus Clown Care and Vaudeville Caravan programs as a clown and magician, and is thrilled to be bringing some of the clown funness to bringmayflowers.

Dominica Wasilewska

Dominica is a native of the Chicago-land area.  She is very excited to be working with The House again and ecstatic to meet the fine people of Tense Forms.  She would like to thank Joe for all his love and support.

G. Warren Stiles

Warren is a silly man. He also sometimes does theatre.

Heather Rafferty

Heather is an artistic associate at The House. Nobody really knows what that means, which is entirely appropriate.

Jaime Roche

Jaime has been doing improv since birth but was introduced to the rules 6 years ago. She performs with Playmation, a troop born from the Old Town School of Folk Music. She’s excited by most things and therefore likes to dabble in a little bit of everything. She’s amped…(yes amped!) to be working with her former instructor for this showcase. She wants to thank Tense Forms for doing great things and Sunny for encouraging her to wake up at dawn instead of going to sleep.

Jeremy Babcock

Jeremy began as a seed that was planted, cultivated and eventually sprouted out of the ground in Northern Indiana. He grew to appreciate art, music and birds. He works at Chicago Teachers’ Center, teaches Improvisational Theater at the Old Town, and is a guitar instructor with the House of Blues Make an Impression Program. He writes and performs in the local band, third wheel and can also be found performing with various improv groups around town. He enjoys writing plays and short stories for children.

Joshua Dumas

Joshua adores gardening with his dearests.

Joshua Holden

Joshua is a Bostonian at heart, is a Leo, and loves boneless buffalo wings with a passion. Though not a flower, he loves the spider plant because it reminds him of his Grammy.

Katy Didden

Katy has lived in Chicago for the last three years, and is delighted to have known the members of Tense Forms and their extended family. This is her third Tense Forms showcase. This summer, she moves to Columbia, MO. to pursue a Ph.D., where she will miss Chicago and its lovely citizens terribly. Come visit!

Kin Kon

Begun as a solo project by Robbie Hamilton, Kin Kon‘s music is both cloudy and curious, while still maintaining a lush, undeniable pop sensibility.

Lois Mathilda Atkins

Heather rocks. Rosie rocks.

Maria McCullough

Maria loves playing the violin anytime, anywhere, especially under the sunshine, by the salty sea.

Marika Mashburn

Marika loves all things House, Tense Forms, Chicago, and Spring. She is very happy to be here with all her families.

Michael Griggs

“Hey, man. Did you hear that?” “What?” “I said, ‘Did you HEAR that?’” “WHAT?!?” “Word.”

Nora McComiskey

Nora is blessed with a beautiful life. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite flower is that sweet white one that grows on her windowsill.

Paige Hoffman

Paige is thrilled with the collaboration between Tense Forms and The House. She wishes she could play music, but she’ll leave that up to the cool kids.

Patrick Andrews

Patrick lived on Route 66 in Texas. There were not many flowers where he lived, mostly tumbleweeds and beautiful open land. He might work at a flower shop. Keep in the sunlight.

Radiant Darling

Radiant Darling weaves on a delicate loom threaded by half-heard stories, scratch jazz, ghost myth, americana and chamber pop.

Redsharkboy Mark

Redsharkboy has been creating mischief and whimsy for quite some time now. You may have seen some dancing about the pages of children’s books or mailing themselves across the country as stationery. Currently based out of New York, Redsharkboy has many devious schemes for spreading his imaginative creations throughout the known world and beyond. Be on the lookout, you just never know where they might crop up.

Rosie Forrest

Rosie is currently the artistic associate at Northlight Theatre where she has worked with writers for a number of years. Sometimes she writes stuff of her own. And likes working with fun people best of all.

Ryan Cashman

Ryan is a circuit-bending audio wizard.

Ryan Suzuka

Ryan uses his voice, his original folk songs, and his ukulele for good as well as evil. His harmonicas, however, are strictly used for evil and pain. Happy May!

the Notes and Scratches

The Notes and Scratches sing to flowers sweetly and then get them drunk and take them home. The Notes and Scratches adore Marika Mashburn.

Tom Mackey

Tom always fights evil.