tense print «
six by five «
volume one, issue two «

no matter the stitching the seams will unraveling

this issue contains:
Paintings by Elizabeth Boyne
Photograms by Rich Jun
Poems by Sarah Renée Bertsch, Mark Temelko, Joshua Dumas
Drawings by Rich Jun, Sarah Renée Bertsch
Digital collage work by Craig Blakeman, Mike Piontek
A short story by Domenico Ferri
Anonymous text found by Maura Dawgert
Photographs by Nora McComiskey, Jessica Neafsey, Kate Tate Raney
A bash script by Christopher Stump

All elements are packaged in a six by five inch folder handmade from heavy deep blue paper.

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tense print Photograph by Nora McComiskey Photogram by Rich Jun Anonymous text found by Maura Dawgert Drawing by Sarah Renée Bertsch