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here's the deal: 6x5 is published somewhat sporadically. Though its presentation will often differ its size is always six inches by five inches. It is a collection of written and visual material that aspires to be a unified art object. This notion is sought in various ways: all elements are intended to interact with all other elements but their collisions are not premeditated. Each issue has a loose overarching theme that is sometimes determined before the work is collected, sometimes after. Some elements are entirely handcrafted. Many elements are fragments, stanzas plucked from larger poems or photographs taken out of series. Each element stands alone, without title or caption or authorial notation.

other stuff: The bulk of the artists are previously unpublished. The person who is putting this all together is named Josh. The person who does great computer helping and design work is named Mike Piontek. If you are interested in contacting any of our contributing artists use the info below. We are not currently taking subscriptions/submissions and probably can't do much by way of zine swapping, but we would still love to hear from you, and if you're nice we might send you little surprises. Also, if you work at a brick and mortar store and want to help distribute 6x5, please contact us.

try this address:
Joshua Dumas
2051 W Farragut Ave #2
Chicago, IL 60625

or email us here

tense print six by five: volume one, number one six by five: volume one, number two