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Uh-Oh is out! Now! In Color!

thursday, november 17th, 2005 at 09:50 pm

We have a CD now that we’ve worked really hard to make and we are very excited about it and also kinda sleepy but surely we are very much hoping that other people will like these songs and that maybe a person or two will find themselves moved in a way that makes their life and the lives of those near them somehow a little tiny bit better or at least maybe some dancing alone in bedrooms might happen somewhere, a lot.

The record is called Uh-Oh. It has thirteen songs on it. Endlessly generous and patient Matt Dewine at Pieholden Suite Sound recorded it. Mike Piontek drew the pictures (which are somehow both silly and sad!). The Notes and Tense Forms silkscreened the cover art onto this nice recycled kraftboard. You can purchase it now from the Tense Forms Store. It is available in your usual compact disc format for $10 postpaid OR $5 for the record in mp3 format along with a digital booklet. Thanks for listening and we really hope you like it (or at least some of it)!

Other news— played on the radio with Ami from Radiant Darling. The whole interview and songs are posted at Radio One, a great local music show on WLUW. (Thanks Eric, thanks Sean). Our performance and interview [14.3MB] [mp3]. If you just want to hear the one new song I played without my dumb talking about stuff, it is called how the Day Breaks [3.2MB] [mp3]. (Note: apologies for the sound quality of that one, that’s how LUW encoded it.)

We’ve a date for our record release show! We’re playing with our friends the Attic Recordings who also have a new record coming out. It should be great fun. Details at the Tense Forms Calendar.

Our friends in Radiant Darling have a new record out too. Snap that up in the Store while you’re over there.

What else? I’ve been listening to a bunch of West African Highlife music this week, expect a post about Sir John Warrior and Prince Nico Mbarga sometime soon. We’re playing with the Oracles in few weeks. We get our stickers in a few weeks. Mike designed them and they look really nice! [60k] [jpg]

Oh, and lastly, thanks to Alan at Sixeyes and Sam at 3 Hive. Oh, and happy belated b-day Sam.

So, please have a listen, please buy the record, please tell your friends, please share our songs and sing them to your loved ones and whistle them in alleys and please take care everyone!

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said on wednesday, december 07th, 2005 at 09:27 am

Great work! I love the tracks you provided and the album cover is amazing. Do you ever plan on coming down to the Raleigh/Chapel Hill area? Hope so. I’m posting something on my blog about the Notes and Scratches with links to your track samples. I’m listening to the Clockmakers Daughter as I write and will be heading over to the store to purchase Uh-Oh. Thanks.


said on sunday, january 01st, 2006 at 09:01 pm

Great work on the cover by Mike! That is quite possibly one of the most gorgeous and sweet covers I have seen in a long time.