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Thank You and Happy Holidays!

thursday, december 22nd, 2005 at 02:38 pm

Just want to thank everyone that came out to the Empty Bottle last weekend. We hugely hugely appreciate your kindness, support and dancing. I hope y’all had as much fun as we did!

I’m at my folks place, so i’ll make this quick:
First, whipped up a quick little cover for the holidays. It is a seriously revised version of a Pogues song. Have a listen and happy holidays!

Fairytale of New York [3.5MB] [mp3]

For a more traditional take on the song, check out the super good Toronto blog Chromewaves for a brillant Stars’ version of Fairytale of New York [5.6MB] [mp3]. UPDATE: Time’s up on this one. By the way, if you’ve not spent time with Stars’ late 2004 release Set Yourself on Fire, spend your Xmas gift cards on it. Second best record i heard and best live show i saw in 2005!

Oh, some impossibly kind reviews have been coming for Uh-Oh, check the Reviews page. Many thanks to all the writers who’ve taken time and shown interest!

So, happy holidays everyone, and peace and joy in the New Year!

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Blake G

said on wednesday, may 03rd, 2006 at 10:11 am

I Like it AAALot
dont forget to sign your band up on the site, just follow the directions after you sign up as a member of the USound, and load a pic, a bio and a mp3 and all of 757 will have acess to you before you come around the mountain. We have been getting bands from all over the U.S.