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writing Memphis Eyes

We started writing a new song in the studio. It’s all so blurry I’m not even sure what day it was, but we were on a break and VJ starts playing this ‘Lust for Life’-esque drum part and i start playing this descending progression that i kinda yanked from the Great Lakes Swimmers (who are so amazingly lovely) and suddenly i think i can hear J singing. This was a problem for three reasons: one, I’ve yet to hear J sing; two, i already felt like I’d been huffing gas for a week and hearing ghost voices wasn’t helping anything; and three, she drove home this weekend to visit her folks, she was miles away. Anyway, that moment was the song’s spark, imagining that somehow i might be hearing her all the from Memphis… which doesn’t seem totally impossible right?

Well, upon her return i received this message from her:
I am sleepy and jolly and also half voiceless, cause the only way I could keep awake driving yesterday was to sing…

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