the Notes and Scratches

thursday, november 10th, 2005 at 11:00 am

The Notes and Scratches
Label: Tense Forms
Genre: Folk, Pop

Josh emails the Suggestion Box with word of his humble little band and humble little label. He flatters us with how much he likes 3hive (which will move you up on my playlist, btw) and ends with, “considering what you’ve posted in the past I don’t think it’s stretch to say that you might like what we’re doing.” Let’s see…The Notes and Scratches’ raspy, writerly country pop sounds like early Tom Waits channelling Ben Gibbard. Nope, no stretch at all. In fact, while Joe and I swapped shifts this week I feel confident posting this on his behalf. And mine. And probably Jon, Sean, and Shan’s. Clay, well, I’ll let him speak for himself. These tracks are from the debut album, Uh-Oh, which drops November 18. Support our troops, y’all.

Sam Cannon