the Notes and Scratches

Pulse of the Twin Cities

wednesday, december 21st, 2005 at 06:34 pm

"The album overall is warm and friendly and it gives the distinct impression of having been recorded with one mic in a big empty room.... just the thing for playing in the car on those winter nights riding home from the bar."

Steve McPherson

Chicago Reader

friday, december 16th, 2005 at 11:00 am

"The credits list more esoteric instruments than a Gypsy pawn shop, but the nicely understated production lets them all bleed together into a hazy shimmer that gives 'The Hours' and 'The Cass Song' a palpable sense of ennui."

J. Niimi

Newcity Chicago

thursday, december 15th, 2005 at 01:30 am

"Dumas and crew do almost nothing disagreeable and, with near-nauseating charisma, charm to no end. 'Uh-Oh' deserves multiple, multiple listens."

Tom Lynch

saturday, december 10th, 2005 at 09:28 pm

"All silliness aside this is a fantastic record... If you buy only one more record this year, this one might be a great idea."

Ken Glanton

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