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Home Safe and Thanks!

monday, july 24th, 2006 at 04:40 pm

There are various reasons to travel — curiosity, variety, inspiration, out of boredom, but I think these most lead to the same end: We want to return home somehow changed; to re-enter our lives and see with new eyes.

We wrapped up two and half weeks on the road last night with a homecoming show at the Empty Bottle and while I’m unsure how drastically my eyes are changed, it was so wonderful to be home, to see our friends and sing to them.

That said, tour was very kind to us. No trouble with the van, only one negative experience with a club and so many opportunities to see friends and family, meet new friends, play with great bands and glimpse how cats like us are making their lives in other towns. We are deeply grateful for all the kindness shown to us while we traveled; we ate well, we were graciously taken into to people’s homes, kids clapped when we played our songs and sometimes bought our records.

And now home. I am exhausted today but lighthearted.

This is a video taken by Betsy in Chapel Hill of us playing Rainbow Connection.

Thank you Jeanne and Bob and the Water Thieves and Mon Frere and Jonah and Kate and the Tower kids and Brian and David and Mary Claire and Ian and Cara and Jessica and Michael and Kerry and Ana and Lejuene and the Galaxy Hut and Roy and Sue and Zoe and Nicole and Zero and the Trekky kids and all the wonderful cats at the Werehouse and Autopassion and Shannon and Monty and Ben and Elle and Rufus and Stone Jack Jones, for all your hospitality.

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