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Beginnings and Endings

tuesday, january 17th, 2006 at 12:17 am

So this mostly isn’t news about us, but it’s all very good news, so i figured i’d share. Saw the opening of the House Theatre‘s new play Valentine Victorious — for the love of all good things, it is brilliant! Victorious is the conclusion, three years in the making, of the House’s Valentine Trilogy, whose first installment featured yours truly playing sloppy upright in uncomfortable jeans and a bullet hole ridden cowboy hat. Feels like a lifetime ago… Anyway, this new play is total spectacular, features a freaking 15 piece orchestra which is onstage through-out, beautiful arrangements by Kevin O’Donnell, and our dear friend Marika utterly steals the first act, she’s incredible. See it people, it is wonderful.

Saw Lying in States on Saturday, which too seemed to be a bit of both beginning and ending. I’ve known the States guys pretty much since i’ve lived in Chicago and have seen them play probably about a hundred times. A good handful of those times for less than twenty people. That’s actually one of the reasons I love their band, no matter how many cats are in the crowd, no matter if anyone is listening at all, they put on a super great, super energized show. Well, i think the days of seeing my boys in an empty club are over. They played a great show on Saturday at a completely packed Beat Kitchen. I mean squashed bodies packed, it was ridiculous! They have a new record dropping next month called Wildfire on the Lake and it is gonna catch as such, ‘cept instead of wet fire it is gonna be like a rock’n'roll wildfire where the only thing damaged is the squares and the authorities and rest of us get our hearts warmed.

Susie turned 30 on Saturday which makes my heart warm. Happy Birthday Shark!

On Sunday I went and checked out Bill, Monique and Rob’s new space. Rob bought this building on Milwaukee and the three of them are building it into a kind of punk rock multiplex. It is going to be a venue, it is going to have recording gear in the basement. On Purpose will have its office there, they’re planning to show films, have potlucks, show art, the works. And I was surprised to learn, they are doing it all on the ups — getting lawyers and accountants and a liquor license and such. Nothing against the Ice Factory or Camp Gay or anything but how great is it gonna be to have a space that works like those do and is not in constant threat of being shutdown. So cheers to that!

And finally, the awesome sprinkles on the tofutti rice cream cone that was this weekend, saw root shoot leaf at the Subterranean. Holy crow my friends. Sloppy, smart, chilling, fun, sad, stunning. Careful arrangements, quality lyrics, brother/sister harmonies, so good! We’re hoping very much to set something up with them in March and if so, you must come. There is a song on their new CD Strangers Touching and Never Disappearing that gave me goosebumps repeatedly today. And again, hardly any kids at the show, Kirk and i and maybe twenty other heads. But whateves, root shoot leaf brought the house down regardless, digging and bending toward sunlight.

Oops, dang, one more thing that is actually Notes news. Tense Forms is having its first annual winter showcase in two weeks, on January 28th at the Subterranean. It is going to be something. There’s gory details at the 800 Winters website. Anyway, i want to mention two things: 25 artists have contributed work and we are turning part of the balcony into a photo installation with 800 images. It is going to be beautiful and nuts, 800 photos! And lovely Tense Former Nora McComiskey has built a photobooth that we’re going to park on the 2nd floor and she’ll be encouraging folks to pile in and get their picture taken for free. How can you not love this? Hope see you!

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a lynn

said on wednesday, january 25th, 2006 at 03:38 pm

we heart you josh!
we can’t wait to play with you guys and "some by sea" in march. seriously, we’re all tingly and stuff.
i’ll see you guys on saturday!