new century hairpins new century hairpins

copyright © 2001 mike piontek

tense forms



it's a lie
it's all a sham

the moon's so high
we'd never make it

all the tapes
were fabricated

those moonscapes
were in the desert

honey i've been singin'
to the falling of the stars
the telephone's not ringin'
and i've been wond'rin' far too long
if it's not gonna last
i'm sorry i fell for you so fast

i love your smile
your crooked lips

your mid-west style
bought for a dollar

stars in your eyes
like galaxies

but cloudless skies
seem rare these days

satellites are blinkin'
to the waning of the moon
the universe is shrinkin'
i hope it doesn't end too soon
and if it doesn't last
then all the flags will be at half-mast

satellites are singin'
to the falling of the moon
my fragile ears are ringin'
and i've been thinking far too soon
that it's not gonna last
and all the sky will be overcast