The Notes and Scratches

The 48 Hour Project

January 16/17 and January 21/22, 2005

Over the course of Two 24 hour Sessions these Songs were written and Recorded*

Please enjoy the Songs:

Shadow Cast
The Strings Unravel
Via Satellite
Without My Hours
On Belle Isle

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Through-out the two days I photographed Myself, growing increasingly Tired, the Instruments, growing increasingly Menacing, and my helpful Friends, who are are always Beautiful, once each hour (unless I forgot (which I did, a few times)).

View a Slideshow of my unpleasant face
(set to a cover of Dinosaur Jr.’s Freak Scene)

View a Slideshow of these Lovely Instruments and Friends
(set to an outtake from the session)

help: Anika Balaconis played Trumpet on strings, satellite, leftovers, and belle; she sang on belle. Domenico Ferri played Bass on satellite and sang on belle. VJ Hyde played Guitar on satellite and Snare and Junk Percussion on strings; he sang on strings and belle. Casey Meehan sang on belle. Steve Quantock played Violin on shadow and sang on belle.

many thanks to the tense forms family, my folks and jessica, my dear friends, and the crazy talented musicians who helped make this recording. these songs are dedicated to Andy Wagner.

*please note that the song entitled Via Satellite was written prior to this project and some of the lyrics for On Belle Isle also predate its recording. Secondly, please also note that the songs were Mastered after the fact, in a 45 minute Session, a couple of days later. And Finally, it is in the interest of full-disclosure that i must admit to accidentally sleeping for 20 minutes during the first night And that i recorded Casey Meehan’s vocal s on the Wednesday between the two Sessions. (sorry!)

all songs (except Freak Scene) were written, recorded and mastered by joshua dumas © 2005. he played trap kit, electric bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, organ, melodica, piano, shaker, tambourine, saw, bells, and sang. Freak Scene was written by J. Mascis, © 1988 Cesstone Music.

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