s. renee bertsch started writing and playing songs under the name atlas in 1999, while living in detroit. originally a band that included (now defunct) detroit rockers the scmods and a fiddle player, atlas practiced in a haunted attic and hosted open mic at the cass cafe. after going through drastic metamorphasis and moving to chicago, atlas became a one-piece solo project in 2002.

check out the songs page to hear some atlas collaborations with autumn-waking member joshua dumas. renee was also the october 2002 curator for muted tones.

what are you saying in where water comes together with other water about whose fault it is?
one time someone asked me if it was "jack-off's" fault. nope, it wasn't. not even close.

others think it's all about star trek. not that either, but closer. sort of.

the answer is anton chekhov. chekhov wrote: "you could write a story about this ashtray, for example, and a man and a woman." in his poem the ashtray, raymond carver did exactly that.

what is the s. for?

why not go by sarah?
because i don't want to.

well, why do you keep the s.?
because it's my name.